Can I order products directly from Jaxi?

Jaxi sells products through Promotional Products Distributors only.

How do I find a Promotional Products Distributor in my area?

Jaxi lists Promotional Products Distributors in good standing, with which we have previously done business, on our Dealer Locator page. You can also open your favorite search engine and type “Promotional Products Distributors” and the name of your City and State and find a Distributor in your local area that can order through us.

How do I become a Jaxi Dealer?

Apply for Dealer status by clicking on the “Request an Account” link on the upper right corner of our website. You must have a valid Promotional Products Distributor ID number to be approved for Dealer status. If approved you will receive Login instructions via email.

How do I log into the website?

Only Jaxi Dealers can Log In for access to Dealer only features on the Jaxi website. If you are a current Jaxi Dealer, click on the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner of our website. You will be able to access distributor only features.

Why should I register for an account?

Distributors who register/create an account will have access to distributor only features and information such as order details, contact information, pricing, additional FAQ information, downloadable forms and sales tools. The tools that we create to help our distributors reach their customers are not available to the public so we keep them on the Dealer side of our site.

Why wouldn’t my User ID be active?

Your User ID may not be active if: 1) you are not a promotional products distributor, 2) you have not yet set up an account with us, 3) you registered online prior to receiving your Jaxi account number, or 4) you have not logged in to Jaxico.com for a year or more.