It has happened to all of us!

You forget someone’s name while you’re talking to them.

Worse yet, a potential client can’t remember your name.

Ever call someone the wrong name?

It’s embarrassing when you have to introduce your wife to someone and you can’t because you forgot their name.

Have you ever been called man, guy, honey, bro, sweetie, babe, dude, bub, bizl, sugar, slick, sweetness?

Your name is a brand and your brand needs to be remembered!

Wear a Jaxi Badge and increase the odds that people will remember your brand!

Studies prove that visual cues increase retention of information and stick in long term memory. Add a visual cue to your next introduction. Get a Jaxi Badge.

Jaxi Name Badges

Full Color Jaxi Badge

Be Creative. Be Noticed.
Be Remembered!

Laser Engraved Jaxi Badge

Laser Engraved Jaxi Badges set you apart from the crowd.

Heavy Metal Jaxi Badge

Heavy Metal Aluminum Stock will rock out your brand!

Metal Printed Jaxi Badge

Beautiful color reproduction on ultra-lite, aluminum.

Jaxi Dura-Badge

Our most DURABLE
Jaxi Badge!